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Back In Black !

As we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers, we have just added our third 48 foot covered trailer to our fleet! Coupled with our 26 foot covered straight truck, we are all gearing up for the challenges that lie ahead in 2018.



Welcome Back Chappy !

Everything old is new again - we're happy to welcome Chris Chappell back to the CJ Link Lumber family!

Chris has been trading specialty lumber and plywood in the Michigan and Northern Ohio markets for over 38 years, including a prior 8 year stint at CJ Link Lumber.  In addition to calling on customer Chris is in charge of purchasing and managing the plywood products at CJ Link, specializing in domestic and high end import Hardwood Plywood and Fir Plywood.

So if you are looking for a plywood comodity or a highly specialized panel, Chris should be your first call!


O Brother, Where Art Thou?


It is with great sorrow that we must inform you of the passing of Tim Brown. Tim left us on June 9th at the age of 56.

Tim had been with CJ Link since July 2012. He had many years in the industry, however, starting with Church's Lumber and including 17 years at Plywood Detroit.

Besides being an expert on plywood and other panel products, Tim was a renown mandolin player with the The Blackriver Bluegrass Boys. And when he didn't have his mandolin strap on he could be found saddled up to the poker table.

What we will miss the most, however, was Tim's dry, sardonic wit.

Please visit his obituary for further information and to leave condolences: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/theoaklandpress/obituary.aspx?n=tim-brown&pid=175061194


Replace? No! Rethink. Resurface. REVIVE!


We're happy to annouce we are now distributing the Revive line of resurfacing products. Available for Decking, Concrete & Docks, the Revive product line will give you a new durable, scuff, stain and fire-resistant surface that requires zero to little maintenance.  So easy to apply with everyday paintbrushes and rollers and tools clean up with water.  Dries quickly for minimal time-out-of-service.

Mix it with you own latex paint (deck & concrete) or solid color acrylic stain (dock) and the color choices are unlimited – you can have any color your paint store can mix up!

Available in 1/4 Kits that cover 50 square feet or in Pails that will cover up to 200 square feet, depending on surface porosity and texture.

So don't haul your decking and concrete off to the landfill and replace it with new - REVIVE it at a fraction of the cost.

Brought to you by Gemini Coatings, the same company that provides TWP.



The End Of An Era At C.J. Link

August, 1971. Construction began on Louisiana Superdome. “The Omega Man” was the top movie at the box office. Apollo 15 returns to earth. The Bee Gee’s “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” topped the charts. President Nixon announces the end of the gold standard. “The Exorcist” was the #1 New York Times bestseller. 

The unemployment rate was 6.1%, which was adjusted ever so slightly to account for Rick Trawinski being hired at C.J. Link Lumber Company. 

43 years later, Nixon is gone, the United States has long given up on moonshots, two of the three Bee Gee’s have passed on, and movies and books are now delivered to our phones. Only the Superdome and Rick Trawinski working for CJ Link Lumber remain. 

Until today that is. 

After dutifully serving CJ Link Lumber for these many years, Rick is beginning the next chapter of his journey. He has been an integral component in helping CJ Link Lumber steer through the changes to the industry through all these years. He can remember a time when the sales orders were written by hand, but the carloads of lumber were unloaded by hand! 

He is an asset that cannot be replaced.

We wish him luck and rest assured knowing that CJ Link’s loss is his wife Colleen, son Brett and granddaughter Bella, and the rest of his family and freind’s gain.