Cyrus J. Link started C.J. Link Lumber as an office wholesaler in 1951. From these humble beginnings, C.J. Link Lumber Company, over the years, has expanded its operations to a eight acre warehouse facility with a fleet of delivery trucks servicing Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Fifteen full time employees serve your building material needs.

C. J. Link Lumber continues to be a family-run business. Cy Link’s son-in-law, John Mergel, became the corporation’s president in 1977. Under John’s direction, C. J. Link Lumber has been successful through numerous recessions and two catastrophic fires. To understand how this company flourished during these difficulties, pickup a pencil from those days. Underneath the company name was the company motto “Where Service
Counts”. The pencils have been replaced by a computer mouse, but this is still the motto of our company.

John passed away in 2007. His two sons, Christopher and Richard have taken the legacy thier grandfather Cy and father John started and are moving C. J. Link Lumber Company into the 21st century with the same values and integrity.

C.J. Link Lumber Company is proud to be active in our industry. We are a participating members and supporters of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, North American Wholesale Lumber Association, the Michigan Lumber and Building Materials Association, and the Temperate Forest Foundation to name a few.

Again, thank you for choosing C. J. Link Lumber Company. You have made the right decision. We look forward to serving you in the future.