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Replace? No! Rethink. Resurface. REVIVE!


We're happy to annouce we are now distributing the Revive line of resurfacing products. Available for Decking, Concrete & Docks, the Revive product line will give you a new durable, scuff, stain and fire-resistant surface that requires zero to little maintenance.  So easy to apply with everyday paintbrushes and rollers and tools clean up with water.  Dries quickly for minimal time-out-of-service.

Mix it with you own latex paint (deck & concrete) or solid color acrylic stain (dock) and the color choices are unlimited – you can have any color your paint store can mix up!

Available in 1/4 Kits that cover 50 square feet or in Pails that will cover up to 200 square feet, depending on surface porosity and texture.

So don't haul your decking and concrete off to the landfill and replace it with new - REVIVE it at a fraction of the cost.

Brought to you by Gemini Coatings, the same company that provides TWP.