Plywood Siding
Plywood Sidings


Premium Okume Siding with Cedar Appearance 
4x8-3/8" Plain No Grooves

4x8-5/8" Plain No Grooves


Western Softwood Core with Hardboard Face
4x8-5/8" 8"oc T1-11

4x10-5/8" 8"oc T1-11

Sound Grade Fir 303-18

4x8-3/8" Plain No Grooves
4x10-3/8" Plain No Grooves

4x8-5/8" T1-11 4"oc
4x9-5/8" T1-11 4"oc
4x10-5/8" T1-11 4"oc

4x8-5/8" T1-11 8"oc
4x9-5/8" T1-11 8"oc
4x10-5/8" T1-11 8"oc

4x8-5/8" RB&B 12"oc
4x9-5/8" RB&B 12"oc
4x10-5/8" RB&B 12"oc

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