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Thanks WOMC!

Michelle Baker (WOMC), Robin Jarrett (CJ Link) and MJ Moore (WOMC)C. J. Link Lumber Company employees were the recipients of WOMC's Ultimate Coffee Break this morning. Robin Jarrett, C.J. Link's bookkeeper/accountant was the designated caller and WOMC came out with a van full of Tim Horton's hot Coffee & delicious doughnuts.

Thanks WOMC! 


2009 Featherbowling Championship

The 2009 Featherbowling Championship (also known as the C.J. Link Christmas Party) was held Friday, December 11th, 2009 at the Bath City Bistro in Mt. Clemens. Always a spirited competition, a splendid timke was had by all.

The teams were as follows : 

Team Rudolph Team Frosty 

Beth Mares
Chris Mergel
Kelly Clayton
Lisa Goss
Mary Michalak
Mike Zerrillo

Coleen Trawinski
Laura Deutsch
Mark Travis
Mike Tomlin
Diane Passarino
Rich Mergel

Team Kringle  Team Cindy Lou Who 

Beth Mergel
Carolyn Mergel
George Clayton
Laura Tomlin
Ken Goss
Robert LePage

Dave Young
Joe Mares
Kathleen Jardine
Julie Khouri
Rick Trawinski
Tom Johe

Team Rudolph succumbed to Team Frosty 10 to 5 in the first round matchup. Team Cindy Lou Who had a tough battle with Team Kringle before the squeezed out a 3 point victory, 10 to 7. The first round battle drained Team Cindy Lou Who, however, as they were no match for the well rested Team Frosty. Team Frosty is the reigning Featherbowling Champion, besting Team Cindy Lou Who 10-3. And it wasn't even that close . . .

Round One Round Two  Round Three 2009 Featherbowling Champion
Team Rudolph : 5 Team Kringle : 7 Team Frosty : 10  Team Frosty
Team Frosty : 10 Team Cindy Lou Who : 10 Team Cindy Lou Who : 3  

Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays !


C.J. Link office and yard will be closed Thursday, December 24th and Friday December 25th for Christmas.

The sales office will be open Monday, December 28th through the Wednesday, December 30th. The yard will be closed during this period. Both the sales office and yard will be closed Thursday December 31st and Friday January 1st for the New Years Holiday.


Everyone will be back on the job, bright eyed and bushy tailed, Monday January 4th ready to serve your needs.





Website Re-Designed!

We are pleased to announce that our website - www.cjlinklumber.com - has been completely redesigned!

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